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Featured Thing: The Inauguration

I recently uploaded my first real YouTube video in years. It's an audio drama called The Inauguration, in which a radio station reporting on a presidential inauguration soon finds itself reporting on the end of the world. You can watch it on YouTube.

My Homepage

Obviously, this site is very much under construction. This is just a project I'm doing to learn HTML and CSS. There's nothing interesting here. I'd say that it feels nice to have my own corner of the Web, but it's not mine since I'm not self-hosting, and even if it were, it definitely wouldn't be any of the four corners. And yes, Times New Roman is a deliberate font choice.

I'm Galactipod, and I've been Galactipod since I created my Minecraft account back in 2012. I was 7 years old at the time. In toki pona, you can also call me jan Kalatopo. I've been making horrific niche videos on YouTube since 2016, and I've been writing equally horrific programs since 2020. I typically write desktop applications and the occasional script on ROBLOX, but I try to leave my comfort zone every so often. Writing self-congratulating autobiographies for the internet isn't quite within my comfort zone.

In order from "almost proficient" to "I've used it once or twice," here's all of the languages that I use:

  1. Python
  2. Lua
  3. C#
  5. Java
  6. Assembly (NASM and a weird float-only hybrid of x86 ASM and C)
  7. C/C++

Contact Me

  1. Discord: Galactipod
  2. Twitter: @Galactipod
  3. Mastodon:
  4. Email:

Listed with ascending response time. I generally respond to Discord messages immediately, but I don't check my email very often. Note that I'm in EST/EDT.